What is your post-TrueCharts app setup?

I’m still on Cobia, and have read that Truecharts will be abandoning Truenas support in upcoming releases. Rather than bend over backwards to try and migrate my handful of apps forward, I think I’d rather just do a manual backup of databases and files, and then port them to fresh docker apps.

But that leaves me dead in the water on networking. Truecharts was great for saving me from fumbling around with nginx configs and ssl certs, and I’d prefer not to go back to that life. So I ask, for others who are looking forward to the mandatory deprecation of their apps setup, what are you planning to do?

I’m planning to wait until TC reveals their migration strategy. Once I see what that looks like, I’ll have a better idea. But if it’s seamless as they seem to be suggesting it will be, I expect to stay with their apps going forward.