Active jobs jump around too much in the dropdown menu


It’s hard to get a read on single transfers when the list is constantly reordering. I’d prefer if it defaulted to "% complete% or some other more static property.

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To see more information on these jobs, click the icon above with the red 2 on it, that opens the Job History screen. From there you can change from All tasks view to completed or failed based on what you want to see.

It’s good to know that the history also can show active jobs, but the OP:s point of the jobs jumping around like that in UI is also valid.

@ giftcardreloaded You should probably post that as a bug report. You can easily do that with the smiley face in the task bar at the top of your TrueNAS Scale UI.

I’m all for bug reporting and providing helpful information, but a user should never need to log in to Jira to submit a bug report!!!

This needs to be more streamlined. If I didn’t already have a jira account, I’d have noped right out.

Do you have metrics on who’s clicking the feedback button? What are the conversion metrics there? I bet you’re shedding a lot of people.

TrueNAS is “free” to the Community. In return, we request that users make some effort to help us improve the software by reporting bugs and requesting improvements.

You can just leave the bug report here, but its less likely to be fixed.

If you’d prefer a paid version without this hassle, please let us know.

Hmm, I thought that when you used the feedback/bug button in the TrueNAS UI you didn’t need a Jira account, admittedly I never tried it myself since I do have an account myself…

You do need to login to Jira to submit a bug report. You don’t need to login to submit a page rating

I think that is fine if you wish to file a bug report. It provides a certain amount of traceability, and accountability, both for the reporting party and IXsystems to make sure the reports acted upon and not buried under a bunch of bogus chaff.

I have had to log in to do almost anything for work for many years so almost everything could be tracked for one reason or another. Logging in to my Jira account is not big in the scheme of things. I think it also cuts down on bogus reports submitted which is a trend that is impacting developers especially single developers.

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I see it now, when you change to the “Report a bug”-tab, the blue button changes to “Login To Jira To Submit”.

Interesting, and your reasoning as to why sounds plausible.