TrueNAS bugs?

Why is the network graph a random one hour interval three hours in the past? For example right now it is showing me 7AM to 8AM even thought it is almost noon.

Additionally SMB share reports size to windows in TiB leading windows to incorrectly display share size in TB when this is not correct.

There’s a link at the top of the page to report bugs. But on the reporting page, are you sure your NAS is set to the correct time zone?

Okay, in this case it seems to autoconfig to LA which is annoying. Regardless the expected result would be the hour is off by three but the data is still current. In reality it shows data three hours in the past…

Speaking of bugs the report a bug button is bugged. It says I need an account, there is no make an account button, and the login button doesn’t do anything. Logging out of Atlassian and back in doesn’t fix it.

That’s ironic. Not sure which of the iX crew would be best to assist. @kris? @Captain_Morgan?

I just ran through and made a bug directly from the UI, the login to Jira and submission seemed fine… We’ll need more details, what browser you using, any privacy extensions or other security things enabled which might be impacting it?

The link to create an account is a text link at the bottom of the popup form.

This is chrome with no extensions. Logging in again for a third time somehow worked.

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