Can't import datapool

Hi all, I have a server that is showing the datapool is FAULTED. Luckily all the disks are showing back online. I have this setup in ProxMox as a VM. I’ve tried several commands “zpool import data -FXf, zpool import -f, etc”. I can’t get it to import. Anyone know how to fix this issue? See the screenshots. 16 disks total. Thanks!

First off, if you had been using the ZFS pool in a VM, and did not have it configured correctly, it may be damaged. Even corrupted beyond repair.

Next, you import a pool with it’s name or ID, like this;
zpool import -f datapool
Without listing the pool’s name, the import option only lists pools that might be importable.

As for what could have corrupted your pool, using partitions in Proxmox and passing them through to the TrueNAS VM can do it. Other passing the whole disk to the VM.

The main method to insure reliable ZFS behavior in a VM is to pass the disk controller(s) that has ALL the disks to be used in the TrueNAS VM.

IIRC there is currently a bug / bad design decision in proxmox where it auto-imports zpools into the host OS. If the zpool is currently imported / in use in a guest as well this will cause pool corruption. ZFS is not a clustered filesystem and so it cannot be consumed by both host and guest simultaneously.

IIRC the only way to avoid the data corruption is HBA passthrough. @HoneyBadger has more details.


Hey @Gilfoyle - I remember trying to help out in Discord on this one. Guessing the pool is still unmountable?

Proxmox isn’t supposed to grab pools without the cachefile set to its own /etc/zfs/zpool.cache path (TrueNAS uses /data/zfs/zpool.cache) but Proxmox also appears to have a system service that will import pools on disk scan. So if there’s something that triggers a disk scan on a host and the member disks are visible this is likely to cause the simultaneous access/force-import bug. Isolating the disks via PCI passthrough of the HBA is the only way to guarantee that Proxmox can’t touch them once the TrueNAS VM is booted - but it may still attempt to grab the pool during Proxmox host boot unless the HBA is fully blacklisted from the host.

Setting systemctl disable --now zfs-import-scan.service on the host can disable this “import scan” behavior but it’s likely going to need some deeper investigation and soak-testing to determine when and where Proxmox might still try to grab the pool.

(Virtualizing TrueNAS on VMware isn’t impacted by this, because for better or worse, VMware doesn’t speak ZFS.)

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