Core / Scale on same hardware, different boot and pool disks

I have a development machine currently running TrueNAS-13.0-U6.2. I am thinking of setting up a Scale install using the same hardware but with a completely new set of disks for boot and pool. I will read up on the hardware requirements and I acknowledge that I can’t have both the Core and Scale versions running at the same time … but are there any issues with this? A boot menu to select Core or Scale would also be useful.

Since you said development, you might be able to run Core and Scale at the same time virtualized on a platform like ESXi. You could have two HBAs. Each version would have to get its own HBA through pass through and associated disks.

The only other way I see it working is in a hot swap chassis where you physically label and swap out all the disks between running Core or Scale.

WARNING - I have not tried running virtualization with Core and Scale as above but it should work

Hot swap was were I was heading. I can understand having to swap out / in the boot drives but do I have to do that with the pool drives? Can they both sit there beside each other with Core ignoring the Scale pool and Scale ignoring the Core pool?

I wouldn’t expect either version to ignore the others pools.
You can try it and report in on your findings but you may also lose the sets. I expect Scale to be able to read Core pools but, maybe not the other way around due to different zfs versions and flags.

If there is no shared pool (as if you want to use a pool in one system and then in the other) you should be good since CORE generally requires more apt hardware than SCALE.

As long as you do not export/import a pool, TN (actually, ZFS) will not handle it.

Why hot swapping? A trip to the BIOS to select the boot drive will do the trick. SCALE can work with pools created by CORE, but not the other way around. As long as you do NOT upgrade the pool in SCALE, both OS should be able to use the same pool—one at a time.

With the caveat you have to export and import the pools each time you boot from the other (example: on SCALE, export pool, boot CORE, import pool).

Not too difficult to automate with a script I guess.

Thanks all for the comments.

Why hot swapping? - because I am too lazy to watch / wait to press the magic bios button. I will see if I can use a boot menu (al la bcdedit).

This is my devl system so no critical information contained in any of the pools. I want to test Scale without losing my Core devl system. From the comments, it sounds like I can do that. Initially, I don’t plan on importing my Core pools into Scale. I will recreate any pool, jail, etc that is needed on my Prod system on my Devl Scale system.

I will report back on my efforts.

I am back. Today was a bit of a write off from a work point of view. My work laptop wouldn’t boot (crowdstrike!) so I had some time to install TrueNAS scale on a fresh pair of SSDs and my Dev system hardware.

On reboot after setting the admin password, removing the install USB, etc … I do not get the console menu. I get a lot of TrueNAS boot things with green OKs down the left.

Did I miss something? That said, does my system have the required hardware?

Supermicro X11SSL-CF Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
Intel Core i3-6100 3.7 GHz Dual-Core Processor
Crucial CT16G4WFD8266 64 GB (4 x 16 GB) DDR4-2666 CL19 Memory

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Hardware should be okay since you were running Core on it. Your hardware listing is a little odd for RAM. Do you have 16GB total or 4x16 for 64GB?

I just booted up a VirtualBox TrueNAS Scale VM to see the boot. The console eventually shows. How long are you giving it to boot and where is it getting stuck? Any error messages?

Which version? 24.04.2?

In a VM or bare metal?

The OP was trying to run Core and Scale bare metal on one ‘server’ for development use. I think it is bare metal at this point and attempting, a sort of, dual boot.

That is 4 sticks of 16Gb each … for 64Gb.

Re boot … seemed like ages (10 mins) and then it got stuck. I will reboot and leave it overnight :).

Which version? 24.04.2? 24.04.2 - d/l it this afternoon. Installed on Native / bare metal. VMs are on my study list (along with lots of other stuff).

attempting, a sort of, dual boot.
Not really dual … discounted old boot drives and removed spinning disks with dev pool. Attached fresh blank boot drives and new / spare spinning disks for new pool (if and when I get a menu / IP address).

I think ten minutes was plenty. Try to pay attention to the ones that aren’t OK (green)
We have to figure out where it is getting stuck. Can you scroll up and check?

I don’t remember the screen responding to my mouse. I will swap it out and see. Any way of porting the boot info to a log file?

I run both CORE and SCALE on two different machines. Let me be clear, i can and do run CORE and then I power down, swap the boot drive and power up to SCALE, using the same data drives.

I was very perticular in how i established the pools and created the boot drives.

There can be some drawbacks such as you should not use jails, docker, vm, nothing unique to CORE or SCALE or bad thing can happen if you are not very careful.

I created my pool by booting up FreeNAS 12 and created my pool. From this point forward do not update the pool feature set. This will allow safe sharing of the pool without issues.

Next I created one boot drive under FreeNAS 12, performed the basic configurations, lan, user accounts, then i would export my configuration.

Next, install from ISO CORE on one boot device, SCALE on a different boot device, then restore the configuration file to each.

Lastly I changed the network name from FreeNAS to TrueNAS_CORE, and similar for SCALE.

This is how I develop and i have my data stored as well. I also maintain a copy on my second system which also can be swithched between CORE and SCALE.

This is not for everyone and might not be what you want, but with proper discipline, it is doable.

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Joe - that is useful information - thanks.

I don’t see running both systems (Core / Scale) in my future but I can see the writing on the wall re moving from Core → Scale and want to start ‘appreciating’ the differences.

My Prod system will stay Core for a while. A swappable Dev system with completely separate boot and pools will suit me just fine.

Decided to try reinstalling … here are the steps I took

  1. reboot with USB install stick plugged in
  2. F11 to get boot menu
  3. boot from USB stick
  4. select TrueNAS Scale Installation (there was another option that looked the same just had 115200 baud at the end
  5. selected install / upgrade
  6. selected both SSDs (mirror boot pool)
  7. accepted warning about data and partition erasure
  8. admin user option
  9. short password (that I will change later)
  10. yes to create 16Gb swap partition
  11. install stared … extracting, extracting, …
  12. install on SDA SDB succeeded / reboot with no USB stick

Here is the screen I have at the end of that

screen after reboot ...

How do you do spoiler tags on this forum?



From the gear at the right of the toolbar. (In only found that out two days ago, so you’re welcome…)

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I did some googling on messages from that screen shot and found this thread …

… that suggests installing TrueNAS Core and then swapping to the Scale train. My Prod system says I can swap to Dragonfish. Googling says that this is TrueNAS SCALE “Dragonfish” 24.04.

I will give that a whirl. Next week.