Nas unreachable after power breakdown

Hi everyone,
After a power breakdown I can’t reach TRUENAS CORE 13, anymore. I don’t see it on the network, therefore , I connected a screen on the nas to see what happened. It starts normally and I get the “control set up” menu. That’s all… Any idea ?

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I assume you mean Console Setup Menu.
Did you try option 10 to attempt a reboot? If you did and nothing happened, I suspect that your boot drive is either not present or corrupt.
As you did not tell us anything about your hardware, anything else we say would just be guesswork - please give us a full system description so that the many capable folk here can try to help you.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m referring to the console setup menu. I just tried to reboot (option 10) and I see the Nas on the Network which is better than the previous situation. I can make a ping and it reaches the Nas. Now I still can’t access to the Web interface and the data.
I’ve put the reference of my nas in my profile (click on Manuvb).

Good news… I had a doubt trying to reach it with my mac, then I tried with linux and both couldn’t reach the NAS. I made a last try with windows and it works perfectly.
Therefore, my last problem is to reach the nas with all my OSes.
Thanks for your help.

You should still be able to see it from all OSes using the IP of you NAS.

If you only can see it from Windows check the “Service Announcement” setting. Probably the mDNS service (for Macs) is not running.

I’ve switched to Scale quite some time ago where you can find the setting under network. It should be in the network settings of Core, too.

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Under service announcement the mDNS is ok but I still can’t access with my mac.
Moreover, right now, while I was writing this message, the NAS disconnected itself…
My wife switched on the TV (Netflix) and it stopped working (I presume this is a coincidence).

Today, I’ve made another try. I have restarded the NAS and could reach it immediately after start but after 2 minutes it disconnected again. Now, i can ping it and it gives me 0% loss. Angry IP scanner can see the NAS but I can’t open my files.